Health Care and Capitalism


Why is Health Care offered to only those who can afford it? In a country such as ours where money is plentiful and profit is the leading force. And what an evil and wicked force it can be! People have lost their lives and their homes because of the high cost of health care. Some people say those poor people deserve what they get.(That’s a quote I’ve heard countless times from conservatives). And they walk so proud to call themselves “Christian.” I wonder…..W.W.J.T of this mindset? Seriously….

The “American” pharmaceutical companies are sitting on 2 trillion in profit from their pill pushing agenda. They have legislators in their pockets passing bills to push their vaccine agenda on everyone now. Wow….that should triple their 2 trillion soon!

More people die everyday because they can’t pay or don’t have insurance. What does that do to the soul of this nation……what’s left of it anyway. I’ll never understand how some people can just turn their backs on others and let them die because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor. That is disgusting and shameful.

So I have to ask; who are the tyrants, communists, socialists, thugs, etc….??? That would be big business and their steamrolling capitalistic death squad controlling your life! It’s all about the money and they have control of it and they plan to keep it that way. Without money……we’re screwed! So what’s “free” about this “Democracy”?? It damn sure isn’t health care!!

That’s my 2 cents worth of freedom of speech, have a great week!

The “thug” word.

Thug picture  Is “thug” the new N word? I never hear white people calling white people thugs. in lieu of the recent tragedies in Missouri, Ohio and now Baltimore, it seems every white person I talk with on Facebook is using this very incriminating word. They are calling Michael Brown (an18 year old young man with no criminal record) a thug. I find that to be not only repulsive but very ignorant. I’m a white guy(if we’re relating to color)although technically I’m more light tan and not white. 🙂 Some are darker and some are very dark brown almost black. it doesn’t matter to me. I’m only prejudice towards  Fox news listening Conservatives. Haha! Back to Mike Brown, now maybe he was feeling a little hormonal that day or had a chip on his shoulder but I don’t believe he had to die for those actions. And what about the kid in Cincinnati who was playing with a toy gun and was gunned down by a trigger happy cop? First off, if you can’t identify the difference from a toy gun or real gun then why are the damn toy guns allowed to be sold!!??! Why hasn’t that question been asked by the news gurus? Seriously….this young boy was out having a good time playing with his toy gun and not thinking he’s doing anything wrong when suddenly a policeman pulls up next to him and shoots him! Where are we getting these cops from?!? It’s embarrassing! Then in Baltimore a guy is beaten by Police to the point his spine is severed…………….Holy shit!!! Then he dies under their custody! And they say they didn’t do anything wrong?? That is the most appalling rubbish I’ve ever heard and if there is a place to use this word “thug” it should be used to describe these cops! It is never a good day when we can’t trust the organization put in place to protect and serve the people. Criminal or not, it is not the cops place to be judge, jury and executioner. But then….the judge and jury feels like a rigged game of thrones sometimes. I can only scratch my head in disbelief of what has happened and what is happening with racial tension in the Divided States of America. I thought as a society we were progressing with this issue but the controllers seem to always be trying to divide or anger the public and they certainly have their news networks to assist in that divisive tyranny. Fox news is pathetic and CNN is starting to go down the same road. I like MSNBC but I can’t stand Al Sharpton! He is one “leader” of the Black community who is there to stir the pot, and he does it well! He and Bill O’Reilly are disgusting. In this “capitalistic” society we live in unfortunately we do have 3 different classes, the controllers, the workers and the poor. The controllers have the power and they are going to keep it. It’s been that way since they seized this country. I believe we are in our downward descent and something big is coming, hopefully for the better but it’s hard to stay positive with all that has happened. But I continue to believe good will overcome evil and the strong should stand for the weak. I’m not a religious guy but I believe in the teachings of Jesus. Love one another as brothers and sisters and treat others as you wish to be treated. That’s my 2 cents worth of freedom of speech. Have a great day!

First blog

Hello everyone,

I am new at blogging but I am a seasoned writer. I am a songwriter first, because I love music! My intentions with this blog is to express my views and opinions on different topics and current events. Depending on what inspires me that week. 🙂  And I get inspired a lot! I like to debate political views-because the political realm these days is just a ridiculous platform. Business issues are fun to talk about but I’ve found most people don’t really pay attention to the truth. I’m not a fan of Fox news or CNN. Fox is so cray cray it’s not even funny! Most news organizations are controlled by the big business guys and they don’t want the public knowing the truth behind their scheming. The world has become a very small place with cameras everywhere and more people becoming involved in social issues. And speaking of social issues, wow, our country is blowing up with racial tension. It feels like we have regressed back to the 60’s. The media has blown things so out of proportion they have everybody so divided and angered. I’ve not seen this in my lifetime. I grew up in a small town in Missouri, so I never saw anything really except the great outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting, sports and cruising the main drag! It’s still the same where I’m from, and that’s a good thing! I now live in sunny southern California where it never rains! Well…when it does it’s a monsoon! The weather out here is perfect much of the year, a little too dry sometimes but the humidity is low and there are no mosquitos! Haha I hate mosquitos!

Well so long for now and I hope to be talking with you soon. I’ll be back next week with a hot topic and my best 2 cents worth of freedom of speech. Have a great weekend friends!