First blog

Hello everyone,

I am new at blogging but I am a seasoned writer. I am a songwriter first, because I love music! My intentions with this blog is to express my views and opinions on different topics and current events. Depending on what inspires me that week. 🙂  And I get inspired a lot! I like to debate political views-because the political realm these days is just a ridiculous platform. Business issues are fun to talk about but I’ve found most people don’t really pay attention to the truth. I’m not a fan of Fox news or CNN. Fox is so cray cray it’s not even funny! Most news organizations are controlled by the big business guys and they don’t want the public knowing the truth behind their scheming. The world has become a very small place with cameras everywhere and more people becoming involved in social issues. And speaking of social issues, wow, our country is blowing up with racial tension. It feels like we have regressed back to the 60’s. The media has blown things so out of proportion they have everybody so divided and angered. I’ve not seen this in my lifetime. I grew up in a small town in Missouri, so I never saw anything really except the great outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting, sports and cruising the main drag! It’s still the same where I’m from, and that’s a good thing! I now live in sunny southern California where it never rains! Well…when it does it’s a monsoon! The weather out here is perfect much of the year, a little too dry sometimes but the humidity is low and there are no mosquitos! Haha I hate mosquitos!

Well so long for now and I hope to be talking with you soon. I’ll be back next week with a hot topic and my best 2 cents worth of freedom of speech. Have a great weekend friends!

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