Health Care and Capitalism


Why is Health Care offered to only those who can afford it? In a country such as ours where money is plentiful and profit is the leading force. And what an evil and wicked force it can be! People have lost their lives and their homes because of the high cost of health care. Some people say those poor people deserve what they get.(That’s a quote I’ve heard countless times from conservatives). And they walk so proud to call themselves “Christian.” I wonder…..W.W.J.T of this mindset? Seriously….

The “American” pharmaceutical companies are sitting on 2 trillion in profit from their pill pushing agenda. They have legislators in their pockets passing bills to push their vaccine agenda on everyone now. Wow….that should triple their 2 trillion soon!

More people die everyday because they can’t pay or don’t have insurance. What does that do to the soul of this nation……what’s left of it anyway. I’ll never understand how some people can just turn their backs on others and let them die because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor. That is disgusting and shameful.

So I have to ask; who are the tyrants, communists, socialists, thugs, etc….??? That would be big business and their steamrolling capitalistic death squad controlling your life! It’s all about the money and they have control of it and they plan to keep it that way. Without money……we’re screwed! So what’s “free” about this “Democracy”?? It damn sure isn’t health care!!

That’s my 2 cents worth of freedom of speech, have a great week!

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